October 2006, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Happy October!

It is the month leading up to the night to be spooked and share a light hearted fright all in fun.

The truth is we often frighten ourselves on a regular basis. In fact we engage in scaring ourselves much too often and all we have to do is play a thought in order to become afraid in our own lives.

I have been working with people who are either feeling hurt, anger or fear in some form. I see how we are all connected in our journeys and how we share life experiences and yet still slightly differ from one another in the way these experiences play out in our lives. I have begun to use an energy technique to help people through these negative emotional blocks, that is extremely effective and works within minutes to alleviate negative emotions that we can hold onto for years from events that have happened in the past.

What is amazing is the realization that our thoughts have so much power over how we feel and then how we behave. Often it doesn’t feel as though we have choice on our behaviors as we feel compelled to act in a certain way and it is as though we have no control over ourselves. Often this is the truth. Most of us are not in control of our actions because we have not mastered our thoughts. Our thoughts are actually in control of us. Until we begin first by just becoming conscious of the mental tapes we are playing over and over again we cannot begin to change them. Awareness is the first step to change.

When we go to the past in our lives we often feel anger and disappointment because we have not released the negative events of the past. When we vault forward we often create scenarios that are negative and this causes us to be anxious, nervous and at the worst stark panic can arise. This is all due to thoughts and a thought can be changed. I watch this within myself every day and then consciously direct my thoughts to where I want to go. I choose the thought that sponsors the feeling I wish to feel. Since I believe our thoughts create our reality I choose to think about how I would like things to be in my life. I direct most of my conscious energy during my day even outside my prayer and mediation practice to center on what I would like to create in my life. It then unfolds exactly as I have pictured it and have spent energy creating it first in my mind and then manifesting it in my reality.

This is a powerful practice and should only be used when one is truly ready to give up being frightened in their every day life even if it is the season!!

Try this practice and see what happens, you never know what you might create!



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