August 2005, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter HAPPY AUGUST!

Believe in the power of love.

Believing that love exists at all times, can be very challenging. Often we will swear that love does not exist in any given moment within relationships when things become difficult.

It would change everything if we concentrated on our own energy or love contribution in any situation or event. During any moment in our lives where there is discord or problems, begin to ask yourself how you can effect positive change. What energy can you bring to the dynamics that will alter things, even slightly.

We often get caught in blame games with the people we love. It is so much easier to blame people around us instead of looking within for where our portion of responsibility lies. If we caught a glimpse of how powerful we truly are, we would know instantly that we can positively change any situation by infusing positive energy (love) into it.

This energy will not come without effort and intention. When a child is acting out, a teenager in an angry rage, or our spouse or partner in a bad mood the last thing we feel, (usually) is an abundance of love and nurturing. However, this is when it is most needed. The importance of the belief in love is not so much that of others, but the love we have within ourselves and the power it has in the world. The more you send out into the world, the more it comes back to you. When we can choose the action that love sponsors we are in balance; we are centered and no longer living in a state of reaction but in our chosen action. This does have the power to change the world. It has the power to change the dynamics within our families, our neighborhoods, and our communities.

When there is someone in your life who is full of negative energy or just plain angry, visualize that person filled with light. See that person whole and healed from their torment even if you believe they are creating it themselves, even if they take that torment out on you. See them as struggling in their life. Imagine yourself reaching out to soothe this person just with your energy, your love energy. As you direct this energy to that person they receive it. You then interact with them on this level and things change. The person changes. Know that everyone wants the same things, to be loved, valued and to belong. Give them this and they will have no reason to attack you.

Before we give these gifts to another we must first give them to ourselves. We must begin from a place of love and forgiveness for ourselves. This means no longer judging ourselves harshly. Forgiving when we have not done our best and moving on in a manner that has more wisdom for having tried things in another way and having found out it does not work for us. It also requires taking care of ourselves and being truly well so that we have the energy to offer others around us. Taking care of ourselves is not the negative selfish act it once was believed to be, but replenishing so there is more to share with the world around us.

Take this opportunity to really think about how much love you bring to your relationships. Are you first loving yourself and then offering that love to the world around you? Create a vision and then make it come true. Setting an intention is always the first step in motion.

Believe in love,

Be Well,



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