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Silja Björklund
Quantum Energetic - "Structured Intentional Healing"
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Silja Björklund is a certified Quantum Energetics practitioner. She graduated from The Western Institute of Natural Healing in 2001. She also holds level I and II in Reiki. Silja taught health and fitness for 15 years before working with energy healing.

Quantum Energetics is a systematic process which uses subtle energy to trigger innate healing processes in the body. Quantum Energetics focuses on: early detection and prevention of health problems, strengthening the immune system, and restoring balance to the energetic and physical systems facilitating repair of injured and // or diseased tissue.

Clients who have experienced the Quantum Energetics system report, apart from physical healing, feelings of well being and harmony, more energy, clearer thinking and generally more in touch with themselves and their purpose because Quantum Energetic is a holistic approach to well being.