May 2005, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter
Happy July 2005!

Where is all of our energy going?

I find myself asking myself this question frequently of late. I have been listening to the work of Carolyn Myss called, Energy Anatomy. There is a collection of 8 CDs teaching us to become more conscious in our daily lives. It has been eye opening to listen and then apply the lessons to my life.

Every time we engage in relationships we are engaging energetically since that is what we are made up of [energy]. Especially when relationships have ended as in divorce or separation we can choose to remain energetically attached to the pain of that relationship. We think about it, we have conversations mentally with that person or just ourselves about the other person. Nonetheless, we are sending out our life force to continue to be involved with that person regardless of whether or not they are still in our lives in a meaningful way. We keep the negative energy in our lives by our own choice. This was really key for me. We CHOOSE to stay in that place. We are not forced to do this. Becoming conscious of this is important in order to make a different choice to free ourselves.

Carolyn Myss spoke of one story of a man who was tortured in WWII and lost the use of his legs. The story is long, but the short version is that when this man was brought back to his home. (he was American Indian and returned to family on a reservation) The elders told him he was dead and needed to call back his spirit. He did this work, but in order to do so he had to relive every painful experience that he lived and forgive the people involved. There were people, he was convinced, that hurt him. When he revisited them there were some that answered they were actually trying to save him and to help. While he was still living under the illusion that all of these people were hurting him he was unable to live here on this plane healthily. When he forgave and let it go he regained the use of his legs and no longer walked with crutches. He became a shaman and a spiritual leader and moved forward to help others. This is an example of the great power we have to release ourselves from the tortures we often keep mentally in our beings.

We must know that every human being who shares life with us is here to help us in our spiritual endeavor to evolve and move forward. They are a gift even when it is painful. The pain comes from being convinced that someone is trying to hurt you. When we hold that pain close to us and live it over and over again we become angry that this has happened to us or we become convinced that we are victims and then create a whole story to go along with this victimhood. If we embrace anger it becomes a poison and infects our lives and our bodies. Our relationships are unable to grow in love and our bodies become ill with disease. Every time we are engaged in negative thoughts it puts holes in our immune system and we open the door to being ill Ė dis at ease = disease. As Carolyn says only by connecting to a divine source and knowing that we are a part of that source can we overcome this negative energy and release it. This does not mean religion or belonging to a group, it means to adhere to a spiritual path that leads you to be open to the gifts that constantly befall you every day.

It is interesting to look at your life and see where all your energy is going. We all have incredible life force in us. Yet we can become mired in a place where it seems we are unable to create what we want in our lives. This is true to some extent. It is not that your prayers have not been answered or that the universe does not support you, it is that you are not supporting what you say you want. Your energy is not being focused in the direction you say you desire but spent in other areas that you must identify and rectify if you would like change. If you are engaged in a negative job, relationship (past or present) or addictions, you will find wherever your thoughts are that is where your energy is going. Sometimes these thoughts are so old and habitual we donít even recognize them anymore as negative. Or we are so used to them we donít realize what they are costing us.

Where is your energy going? What do you concentrate on in you life that you need to release for your well-being? The answer to you regaining your life force is in the response to these questions.

Be well,



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