"Laugh, Cry, Awaken and Choose"

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Growing is usually difficult, sometimes painful, occasionally joyous, and always worthwhile. That's exactly what Karen Winter's "Recreating Families" workshops do: challenge us to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings. Embrace our fears, and accept ourselves and those we love. In each week's meeting, we were gently and lovingly guided - never with judgement - along with the support of others experiencing similar challenges. Karen's gentle facilitation & guidance helped our group laugh, cry, awaken, and choose the love we wanted to create in our lives.

Each session had a helpful theme that guided us through examining thoughts, feelings, and reactions to ourselves and those we love. Our gatherings, were a celebration of who and where we were. There was never any sense of judgement or criticism of wherever we were in our journey.

From Karen's persistent support, I was able to let go of negative thoughts and feelings that had been preventing me from trusting my own guidance and intuition. I still struggle occasionally, but can readily recall the lessons of love I learned from our time together - and they make a positive difference in my life and relationships each day.

Thank you, Karen for the gift of you, and for helping me recognize the gifts around me.
M. Holland

"Looking Back At My Life"

The Recreating Families workshop brought me another perspective to view my life with positive feelings. I can now look back at my life and embrace all that I have created and know that it is part of my journey rather than looking back with embarrassment or shame. The journey was exactly what I needed to become myself as I am now.

The workshop gave me confidence to let go of anger and frustration in dealing with relationships in my life. I have learned to deal with old feelings towards my parents and understand their struggle better and not take responsibility for it all.

I now embrace all my experiences as stepping stones into forming the woman I am today.

Thank you Karen
R.A. Scott

"Love Is All There"

Love is all there is if you choose it to be. This is the ongoing message that runs through Karen's book and her workshop/support group. You learn that all is a choice and yet very difficult to make at times. With Karen's guidance and group support you are loved and supported in making loving choices for yourself. When you make loving choices you cannot help but change your life. You learn to let go of control of others. You learn that you can find peace in your heart for yourself and also for your former spouse even if you cannot be together. It is all about choice.


"I Was Also Entitled To Peace"

"What Would Love Do Now?" was a true stepping stone toward my healing during and after my divorce. It helped me realize that while I was entitled to my pain and anger I was also entitled to peace; a peace that only I can create. I was encouraged by Karen's story to move forward with hope and belief in myself. I learned that taking responsibility for my part in my marriage ending was my key to forgiveness for me and for my ex-husband. I also learned to applaud myself for having the strength it took to choose a different path that would ensure a healthier living and a brighter future for me and my child. I learned in Karen's workshop how to develop a compassionate heart in such a tormenting time in my life. I'm forever grateful for the awareness and truth that Karen brought to my life through her book and workshop. It has made all the difference. I'm loving everyday of "My" new life. Love is responsible.


"Turned my life into a more positive outlook in the whole process of divorce"

Just the title of the book "What would love do now" attracted me to this class.... Re-creating Families has turned my life into a more positive outlook in the whole process of divorce and all the pain that accompanies it... It was absolutely necessary to separate and file for divorce after 23 years of marriage for myself and our two teenage children. The prolonged legal matters only made it worse. I approached this class to learn a more positive way to function and to my surprise and work: IT HAPPENED!!!!! Karen is a very supportive, loving, and kind person. She went through the process much before me and is living proof that parenting partners can look above it all and do the best for their children. Parents who practice what is presented in the book and reconfirm in the classes come away with a lifelong gift It has offered me an abundance of new ideas in parenting skills and unlimited support. It did not happen overnight ... and one needs to continue to remind and refer to "What would love do now" It is especially helpful when a concern comes up to contact Karen for some feedback...and she always has been able to get back to me very promptly. I am now in the process of positive change and as I keep my thoughts positive, life brings to me only good experiences...