What Would Love Do Now? "The Book"

WHAT WOULD LOVE DO NOW? Recreating families after separation and divorce, here's another way.


...bridges the gap between clinical suggestions of healing the wound of divorce and the practical application of those methods. It was written as a guide to help others look at their past relationships and not only learn from them but also receive the gifts they brought. One important theme of this book is that of self-love and how we most often abandon ourselves before a partner does. Another theme is love exists even when someone is not behaving in a loving way. It has more to do with how that person feels about themselves, than the person with whom they are interacting. Thus it helps retrain us to not take things personally. This is a format to suggest a new way of creating in our families and to look at ourselves after divorce still seeing our families in a positive light. Readers are helped to see their lives as full of possibilities and to let old ideas and stigmas of divorce go. This book reminds us to believe in our own powers. They can only be limited by our own thoughts.

The author, Karen Winter is someone with personal experience who has learned that divorce doesn't mean the end but a new beginning in creating the person you want to be and the family relationship you envision. She leads workshops on re-creating families after separation and divorce based on her personal experience and knowledge.

Karen's aim in this book is to show readers how to re-examine their relationship and encouraging them to take responsibilities for their part in it. Thereby, taking responsibility for who they are and making changes when the reality doesn't coincide with their vision of themselves.

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