About Us

image Re-creating Families was started to help people find peace within themselves and get back to a place of love with their parenting partners, in order to give themselves that gift and to raise children together. Sometimes, in order to be peaceful, there must be physical separation between parents especially, if it is not safe. The peace comes by looking at the relationship and seeing why we created in the way we did, and what our needs were at that time. If we take the time to really see ourselves and understand, then we have the opportunity to mindfully create differently the next time.

The book "What Would Love Do Now?" opens doors to new ways of thinking and creating. It shows us how to step back from judgment and start posing questions to find our answers in a gentle loving way. The book encourages others to constantly ask, "Does this work for me?" rather than judging an experience, ourselves and others. We are better able to create our lives freely, within this framework, instead of being limited by fear and judgment.

The workshops offer unique guidance and support for re-creating our lives and families after divorce. They are intimate and focus on developing a vision for who we are and what we want. The guidance is gentle, loving and nonjudgmental. The support that is created between the class members is truly enriching and life altering. Follow-up "Touchstone" meetings are available for class graduates in order to maintain the support and guidance. These Touchstone classes are held on the first Saturday of every month from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30.

Please check the schedule of upcoming classes, as well as an extensive book list which apply to this kind of creation.