Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Active Balance Wellness Center
Body Mind Spirit
Chiropractic ~ Massage ~ Acupuncture ~ Pilates
135 Liverpool Dr. Ste. B
Cardiff-by-the-sea, 92007
760 753-2157 ~

Camilla Sinclair - Holistic Health Practitioner
I believe that only by appreciating and nurturing ourselves first, can we then direct our attention outward and fully experience boundless, free flowing energy and love. Learning to balance body, mind and spirit will allow you to glide into a new kind of integrated perception where things you couldn't see before become visible and the intangible will become real. Its "ALL ABOUT ME!" will be your mantra for this venture... My Mission is to enthusiastically and compassionately participate in your personal renaissance.
Integrative Therapies include Massage, Nutrition and Fitness Counseling and Life Coaching.
228 S. Cedros Ave. Suite F
Solana Beach, CA. 92075
(858) 945-3427

Leona Schiezer
Massage Therapist
321 North Highway 101 Suite A Solana Beach, CA. 92075
(760) 805-7792
"Leona is a gifted therapist who has a healing touch and truly helps her clients get in touch with their inner being and issues." - Karen Winter

Natalia Lopez
Natalia's Essence
Massage, Energy Balancing, DNA Activation / Repatterning
731 Highway 101 Suite 22
Solana Beach, CA. 92075
(858) 794-9126

Allison Swinderman
Rolfing and Holistic Medicine - Click Children’s Rolfing
We work with children to help them move trough the normal challenges of childhood development, with fewer structural problems that could result from strain, injury and congenital deviations.