Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Private consulations offer a deeper exploration in a safe, non-judgmental and loving setting of the ideas and ways of re-creating as taught in the book, What Would Love Do Now? Clients participate either as couples or individuals in the process of re-creating their vision of their family after the rupture of divorce. Participants begin to see themselves as deserving, capable, worthy and are empowered to create their lives in a positive meaningful way. Clients are afforded more time to delve into their particular issues and learn to apply the tools taught in the program to effect change in their families.

Workshop participants are offered a safe non-judgmental and loving environment in which to explore their past relationships. Students re-examine their beliefs about themselves and how they have co-created a relationship to go along with those beliefs. Participants have the opportunity to meet others re-creating and develop powerful support for their work. Feelings of isolation and fear evaporate as people create a bond while doing this work. Karen Winter is available for private consultations, please contact I Believe... to schedule these in advance:

Karen Winter
Phone: 858.204.1876
The fee for private consultations is $95 for individual $200 for groups per hour.

Facilitation / Speaking Engagements
Karen is available for speaking engagements based on this material. Please contact her for scheduling.