Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter
November 2004 Divorce Magazine
Re-creating families after divorce will be featured in the November issue. Stay tuned...

Responsible Divorce
July 15th Responsible Divorce Newsletter
Re-creating families after divorce: Getting back to a place of love

Your Stepfamily Online
Upcoming March / April 2004 & November / December 2004 Editions
Step Family Magazine will be printing information from What Would Love Do Now? in their upcoming April/May and November/December editions.

San Diego Union Tribune
February 13, 2004
The perfect divorce does not happen overnight. Karen Winter learned that from experience.

Interwoven with personal examples, exercises and insights, "What Would Love Do Now? Re-creating Families, Getting Back to a Place of Love After Divorce," Winter's self-help book was published last August.

Del Mar Times
November 14, 2003
Re-creating Families Inc., an organization dedicated to offering tools and techniques to people experiencing divorce, has announced the release of a new book and workshop series entitled "What Would Love Do Now? Re-creating Families After Divorce, Getting Back to a Place of Love." Designed to open communication channels between couples and families going through divorce, the book and workshop series provides participants with a valuable forum for examining their lives after divorce, maintaining a positive view of their families and envisioning their future as full of possibilities.