May 2004, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Spring is in Bloom!

Each class of Re-creating Families begins with the question, “Who are you and what do you want?”

This is the foundation of re-creating work. Everything else you choose to do and believe stems from this vision of whom you decide to be in your life and in your family. You and everyone around you will be greatly affected by your choices.

This work is setting intentions; creating a vision for yourself. You must decide and declare to the universe who you are and what you want in order to receive support for your vision. Do not confuse setting an intention with setting a goal for success. This is not about financial success, but about who you are and not what you do. There is a difference between who you are and what you do. It is common to think that our identity is what we do, but this is false. However, the dichotomy here is that once you’ve awakened – what you do comes from who you are. This is living your life in truth and balance.

It is important to understand the ramifications of focusing your thoughts and energies in a direction. Often, we notice that what we want is not occurring or that our life is not going in the direction we would have hoped. A dear friend told me, Karen, if you want to see your intentions, look at he results of your life. This is an eye opening experience, I can attest to that. This can be difficult, because it erodes the power of the excuses, victim or otherwise that things just happen to us in life, that we are leaves in the wind and powerless. This is the moment to claim the power of responsibility and to create consciously. There are no limits to this power. The only thing that holds us back is fear – fear of judgment. What will happen to us if we stand up and say, "I am responsible for creating all that is in my life?" The judgment we fear most of all is that of our own inner voice. We think we fear judgment from the public, but the public can only mirror what we feel inside ourselves. I tell you that the only thing that will happen is that you will step into a powerful role in your life – more powerful than you have ever been before. Let fear of judgment go – it is none of your business what others think of you. You must also let go of your harsh judgment of yourself. This kind of judgment leads to paralysis and then feeds upon itself.

The impact of setting an intention is enormous. The universe cannot respond to you until you give it direction. We are made up of energy, our thoughts are energy sent out into the world. The universe is made up of energies and will respond to the energy we send out. What energy or thoughts are you sending out? Now look at what the universe has helped you create. Do you see the connection? Your thoughts create your reality and a thought can be changed. Change your thoughts change your reality. You must become conscious of your thoughts in order to have the power to change them.


I Believe . . .


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