April 2005, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter
Happy April!


There is a change in the weather; an opening for new things to come.

Being open is an enormous key to enjoying life. There are people who remain closed all of their lives - closed to new experiences, closed to new people and closed to new ideas. They lack joy and exuberance for life. Their lives appear small and closed, almost without vision.

By remaining open in our hearts and our minds we can begin to notice, accept and then appreciate all the gifts that the universe presents to us every day. As Paul Ferrini states in his book, Grace Unfolding:

"As we surrender to the truth of our being, we learn to relenquish the need to control our lives, figure things out or predict the future. We begin to let go of our judgements and interpretations and accept life the way it is. When we can be fully present with whatever life brings, we are guided to take the next step on our journey. That is the way that grace unfolds in our lives."

As we can have all seen, life is constantly shifting and changing. That is the one guarantee we all have. We must grow with these changes or we will become hardened and brittle with the battle we engage in to fight the flow. Living a surrendered life, (which means being open to what exists)means remaining open to any situation because of what we will learn from it. Even if the life situation might seem negative and our first reflexive response might be to struggle or fight, this is the point to be still a moment and notice our emotional response, but remain open to why this drama is being played out and what we are contributing to it or what we might receive from it. This can be put into practice with relationships, jobs/careers, geographic changes, really all of life circumstances.

If first takes the consciousness to direct ourselves on a path. The conscious decision has power and momentum which aides us in moving forward. The decision to be open leads us to less stress, more happiness, better health and more ease with relationships.

It really is this simple, just being open - open hearts and open minds. Others will learn from your example. Lead them well.

Be Well



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