November 2005, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter HAPPY NOVEMBER!

Love as inspiration

I have been inviting people in my classes to create a vision for themselves in their lives for a few years now. We have broken it down to the steps integral in making this happen and I have written messages to create understanding about why it is important in everyone’s life. Now it is important to know just how wide reaching your vision will be in the world.

Creating the vision is important on a multitude of levels, first that we all understand what our vision will do for us, then, how to create it and then to fully comprehend how deeply this affects ourselves and those around us. Finally, we must realize how the world is changed by our vision becoming a reality when we are operating from a higher level of energy which is love.

Here, as in everything in our lives it is a matter of choice. If we have not created a vision for our lives we do not really know who we are. Lacking a direction or plan we can flounder without being grounded in knowledge of our true selves. The most common result is that we live in reaction to what and who is in our lives. We have difficulty accepting responsibility for what happens in our lives when we are not living consciously and without vision. When we live this way we often repeat the same patterns of behavior and attraction of partners in our lives. This may be in business and/or our personal lives. Therefore, without living in an aware state we often choose a victim mentality of “look what someone did to me”. Again, this is a choice or rather a perspective but not a universal truth of what is real. When we choose this pattern, there is always a payoff. We are seen as not responsible and therefore others come in to protect us. We are taken care of by others in our lives. We then get to remain children in our own lives without the gift of emotional or spiritual growth. This is a high price to pay.

As we lift our energy to a higher level of love we then change everything in our lives. We change the level at which we attract people and events into our lives. If we are operating out of lower energies such as; anger, hurt, bitterness, resentment and revenge, we will attract people and events based on this level into our lives. We will invite angry partners and friends because they mirror who we are. Raise your energy level and you will raise the level of life you live presently. Again it is a choice and we are all responsible. If you choose a level of denial of responsibility you rob yourself of the opportunity to experience life with love, peace and harmony. You commit yourself to your present state of despair.

The only one in life that you can change is yourself. You are never going to change your parenting partner nor would that be a worthwhile expenditure of energy. Call your spirit back to you and use all the energy you have to create a life for yourself that you deserve which is in light and love. All those around you will benefit from the gift you give yourself. It is a model for your children to create their own lives. It will in turn give them permission to do the same. This radiates out into the world and will change it in a positive way for everyone. One person can change the world. One person at a time.

Make your vision. Write it in pencil, continue to add to it. Paint your canvas. Your life is your masterpiece. All the colors are at your disposal.

Enjoy making the creation



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