April 2006, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Happy April,

My birth month, I celebrate being here!

I have been thinking often in the past few months of my connection or disconnection at times to God in my life. There are moments I realize when I have had such doubt about things in my life and that is the moment I have disconnected from God, intention, and the energy that is all around me.

I believe the Divine intention that is all around us is simply energy. We are all connected to it. And the only way any of us have become disconnected is through doubt and fear. This puts up a block to energy of love, abundance, prosperity and all things positive that are trying to get to us because they exist already all around us. But may pass us by because we have put up a barrier against all these wonderful things by the mere existence of our thoughts.

I have another business that I share with my sister. There was tremendous fear around that business with the other people involved in it. Fear about sales being down, competition becoming too fierce and more thoughts of scarcity and lack. I began looking at things differently as though everything were possible that I desired because I was connected to my God source and knowing that God is love, abundance and prosperity for everyone. I began to believe that that truly meant me too. I began to see this business as thriving and becoming more and more popular and having nothing but abundance and prosperity for everyone involved. I began to pray in the form of gratitude about this abundance, joy and prosperity in this business. I began to see that happen and become the truth. In the past two months of seeing myself connected to this loving providing Source I have seen nothing but what I desired to see which was abundance and prosperity. Numbers have increased consistently. I asked for more people with joy and abundance and that is exactly what has manifested.

I have seen how powerful this is in my life and now I see how powerful it can be in everyone’s life and in the world. Imagine a world that is full of love, abundance and prosperity! What kinds of change could take place in all our lives with this kind of change. If you knew that all you desired that was for your higher good was possible, how would your life change? You are a child of God deserving of love, joy and abundance in all ways. Know this to be true. Act as if it is true in your life right now. All that you desire is coming to you right now. Just by your belief you can attract to you what you desire. It is all in the universe right now. The only reason that it does not come to you is your belief somehow that it is not possible, or you are not deserving, or it only happens to other people.

Take the time to really look at your belief pattern and see where you are blocking this all powerful, omnipresence in your life. It is all around you and in everything. Your connection to this force is your belief in it. You are deserving merely by existing. Your thoughts create your reality. You get to choose your thoughts. What are you thinking? Look at your life and you will see your thoughts being played out in your reality.

Choose your thoughts with care and faith. Know you are that child who is divinely loved without question without fail, unconditionally.

Make this spring come to life with your love, abundance and prosperity.



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