January 2006, Message of the Month

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter Happy January, Happy New Year!

I found myself struggling over January’s message, thus I am late! Suddenly, I had my message by life experience right in front of me.

What are your thoughts?
What energy are you sending out into the world?
What energy level are you operating on?

We are nothing but energy. When you are near someone you will feel who they are before you speak to them by the energies they send out. This is true for everyone. Our thoughts are energy and they vibrate out from us to communicate to those around us and wider to the world. When we are unaware we do not consider our thoughts, we assume they just occur. At some point we become conscious of our thoughts and begin to notice whether they are positive or negative. That is the point at which we can make changes. That point of consciousness is the moment of new beginning; the moment of opportunity for all of us.

If we are operating from lower energies that are negative we will draw to us experiences that match that energy. The law of attraction is well and active. If we are operating from higher energies such as love, compassion and forgiveness we attract that into our lives. The wonderful gift for us all is the fact that we all have choice each and every day over our thoughts and our actions. You will notice that if you take an action that is negative you will have negative resulting emotions about yourself. This offers little to those around you or the world. When we take an action based on higher energies we see ourselves in that higher light and we give that gift of light to those around us and it radiates out to the world.

Think of when you have encountered someone in love and the beauty and love they emanate due to their raised state of consciousness. They have chosen emotions that vibrate at the highest level possible. This is light and it shines on those who witness it as well as the one in love. When love is waning it is due to thoughts that we choose that are negative. In order to sustain love, we must choose the thoughts and actions the love sponsors. This is the secret to sustaining love at a high level, it is choice. It always comes to that same element of choice for all of us. This can be either incredibly frightening for some to be so responsible or it can be amazingly liberating. We all have the same amount of power but we choose to use it differently.

Pause and think how you use your energy as power in the world. Is it on a high frequency bringing gifts to you and the world around you or is it on a lower level taking away from what already exists?

Which do you choose as your gift to yourself and then to the world?
Choose well as the world awaits your gifts.



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