November 4, 2003 Press Release

Open Heart - Artwork by Kelly Winter PRESS RELEASE

New Book and Workshop Series from Re-creating Families Inc. Helps Families Experiencing Divorce to Repair Relationships and Rebuild Their Lives

SAN DIEGO, CA - November 4, 2003 - Re-creating Families Inc., an organization dedicated to offering tools and techniques to people experiencing divorce, today announced the release of a new book and workshop series entitled "What Would Love Do Now? Re-creating Families After Divorce, Getting Back to a Place of Love." Designed to open communication channels between couples and families going through divorce, the book and workshop series provides participants with a valuable forum for examining their lives after divorce, maintaining a positive view of their families and envisioning their future as full of possibilities. The ideas and concepts presented by Karen Winter, author and divorced mother of two, will help affected individuals permanently revise their old ideas and stigmas of divorce.

Statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) indicate that on average, more than a million families experience divorce in the United States annually Ė a startling number representing a significant assault on the family unit. In her book, Winter has developed an alternative way to open up communication between couples and families that are experiencing divorce. This insightful book provides insight into how others can develop internal peace and employ solutions to help find their way.

Winterís book offers new perspectives and concrete tools, empowering the reader to re-create their life in a positive way. Winterís unique perspective comes from her own successful efforts in re-creating her family after divorce a success that does not go unnoticed by people in her community, who commonly refer to her family as the poster family for A SUCCESFUL LIFE AFTER divorce.

"I developed this book and program to provide effective tools and techniques to support people experiencing divorce and to help them grow and flourish," said Karen Winter, president of Re-creating Families and author of What Would Love Do Now? "A large number of psychologists, spiritual practitioners and marriage and family therapists are experiencing significant results from using this book and program, which ultimately amounts to creating peace within the home."

In addition to the book What Would Love Do Now?, Winter has also developed workshops and classes for people experiencing divorce and for parents of two-home families. These classes are based on the principles of the book, offering techniques and tools for individuals to process emotions stemming from their divorce. It also provides them with methods for getting beyond the hurt and into peaceful action. The end result is a blended family that can operate from a loving, supportive and accepting space. These critical skills open doors for divorced parents to deal with their former partners and parenting partners by creating a loving foundation for their children.

"The Re-creating Families workshop brought me another perspective to view my life with positive feeling," said R.A. Scott, a recent graduate of the Recreating Families workshop. "I can now look back at my life and embrace all that I have created and know that it is part of my journey rather than looking back with embarrassment or shame. The journey was exactly what I needed to become who I am now. The workshop also gave me confidence to let go of anger and frustration in dealing with relationships in my life. I have learned to deal with old feelings towards my parents and understand their struggle better and not take responsibility for it all."

The What Would Love Do Now? book and workshop series offers a safe and gentle way to explore the dynamics of past relationships. This series provides a forum to explore an understanding of oneself that can be used to create new and more mindful ways to communicate in the present and future.

Workshop Topics Include:
  • Setting Intentions for Who You Want to Be
  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Accepting the Gifts of Relationships
  • Getting Back to a Place of Love
  • Learn How to Create a Support System
About Re-creating Families
Re-creating Families was started to help people find peace within themselves and get back to a place of love with their parenting partners, allowing them to once again enjoy each other and raise their children together. More information on the book, workshop series and author can be found at the Re-creating Families Web site: